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Infinitec Assistive Technology Free DECEMBER Webinars

Each webinar airs live at the date and time listed. If you are unable to attend live at the designated time, you are still encouraged to register as a recording will be sent to all individuals who register for the webinar. If the webinar is not being recorded, it is indicated under the title

Please note that the webinar invitation that you receive after registering will look different compared to last school year as we are now using ZOOM WEBINAR as our webinar platform

In order to receive a certificate of professional credit, you must attend the LIVE webinar. You must be logged in through your device to view the presentation through the 'Join Webinar' link sent in the Zoom Webinar invitation received following registration. We CANNOT provide professional credit if you only call in by phone and do not log in through the 'Join Webinar' link sent in the Zoom Webinar invitation. You cannot miss more than 15 minutes of the webinar if you wish to receive credit. We do not provide professional credit for watching the recording that is emailed to you following the live webinar.

Emerging Technologies for Diverse Learners

Presented by Tammy Lind, Shake Up Learning, Instructional Coach-Technology Integration

In this session, we will take an in depth, hands-on look at emerging technologies that can be used in the regular education setting and in the core content areas to assist our diverse learners. We will look at a variety of free resources that can have a positive impact on all students, specifically those that may need additional support in the classroom. Google Chrome Apps and Extensions have become a valuable learning tool for students that struggle with access to the general curriculum. We will look at many free options in Chrome. Tips and Tricks of using Google Workplace for Education tools to accommodate our struggling learners will also be shared.

November 29, 2021  3:30PM - 4:30 PM CST

Registration Link:​24z4489m

Got Google? Chromebook Accessibility Features to Assist Diverse Learners

Presented by Tammy Lind, Shake Up Learning, Instructional Coach-Technology Integration

In this session we will look at specific Chromebook Accessibility features as well as built in tools to help our diverse learners. It would be helpful to have a Chromebook in this session, but not necessary.

December 13, 2021  3:30PM - 4:30 PM CST

Registration Link:​4p9bemdj

Paraprofessional Webinar

To Accessibility and Beyond – Built Accessibility Features of iPads and iPhones

Presented by Jennifer T. Skalitzky, MS, ATP, Assistive Technology for Infinitec UCP-Seguin

Many students have access to an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone. There are many features built into the iPad or iPhone that can enhance reading and writing. For example, text can be read out loud to increase reading comprehension, and your voice can be used to input text on the screen. These features can make a difference for our students while attending school or learning at home. Come check out how the built-in tools of an iOS device can assist your child. You may discover a feature or two for yourself!

December 8, 2021   3:30PM-4:30PM CST

Registration Link:​ydywbbzc

Executive Function and Assistive Technology Series

Presented by Cassie Frost, M.S.Ed, Assistive Technology Specialist, Owner of Disruptive Teaching, Member of the WI Assistive Technology Advisory Council

Executive Functioning in Today's Classroom- Assistive Technology Supports for Today's Students

Executive Functioning, including memory, time management, organization, and attention is a group of skills that every student utilizes throughout their entire day. When a student struggles with executive functioning, tasks in the classroom and out, including academic tasks can be difficult. This session will focus on an overview of executive functioning and the ways that assistive technology can help support students who struggle.

November 30, 2021  3:30PM - 4:30 PM CST

Registration Link:​cjz84ksz

Low-Tech Executive Functioning Supports for Students in the Classroom and Out

This session will focus on low-tech resources and tools to support students who struggle with executive functioning. From timers to fidgets and organizational systems, there are many low-tech and often low-cost resources available to help students who struggle with time management, organization, attention, or memory. Leave this session with ideas of how to use many readily available low-tech tools to support your students.

December 7, 2021  3:30PM -4:30PM CST

Registration Link:​khusknz9

High-Tech Executive Functioning Supports for Students in the Classroom and Out

In today’s classroom students have more access to technology than ever before. This session will focus on high-tech tools including extensions, apps, and devices that can be used as assistive technology to support students who struggle with memory, organization, time management, or attention.

December 14, 2021  3:30PM -4:30PM CST

Registration Link:​ktywjmvu

Math Supports for Students with Extensive Needs Series

Presented by Jenny Root, PhD, BCBA, Associate Professor of Special Education

Contextualizing Math for Students with Extensive Support Needs

This session will focus on how to use a contextualized approach to mathematics instruction that provides students with extensive support needs meaningful learning opportunities. Use of technology to enhance approaches will be shared with some approaches.

December 9, 2021  3:30PM - 4:30 PM CST

Registration Link:​p2xu4n57

UDL Supports for Math for Students with Extensive Support Needs

This session will focus on how to use the UDL framework to proactively plan meaningful mathematics instruction for students with extensive support needs. Research will be translated into practical strategies for supporting students to engage in problem solving in a way that leverages their strengths.

December 16, 2021  3:30PM - 4:30 PM CST

Registration Link:​7x9a2dme

Writing and Students with Complex Needs Series

Presented by Janet Sturm, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, BCS-BL, Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Central Michigan University

A Deeper Dive Into the Developmental Writing Scale: Establish Student Goals, Designing Instruction, and Celebrate Progress (Part 2 of 2)

The Developmental Writing Scale (DWS) is a powerful tool for beginning writers with complex learning needs that has the sensitivity to measure discrete changes in writing quality and quantity from scribbles to paragraphs. During this second webinar in the series, participants will dive deep, learning how to use the scale to assess early and emergent writing of students (from scribbles to paragraphs) through practice scoring with their students’ writing samples. They will also learn how to develop two types of goals that are in alignment with state curricular standards – 1) student-friendly individual goals displayed for each student, and 2) IEP goals that are formative (informing instruction) and summative (measuring progress). Participants will hear how DWS data can be used to increase success and celebrate student writing progress in classrooms, schools, and the greater community.

December 15, 2021  3:30PM - 4:30 PM CST

Registration Link:​3p3n28b4