A Message from the Director :

Tri-County Special Education has developed a Return-to-School Plan for this school year, focusing on in-person learning. Our Return-to-School Plan is a working document and we will update the document as the Illinois State Board and/or Illinois Department of Health send out updates.

Again this school year, TCSE will not allow students to participate in remote learning unless it is due to a high risk medical condition (which will be reviewed by the IEP team), quarantine, or shut down situation. If a parent requests for a student to be remote, a physician must complete the Home/Hospital Instruction (HHI) form located under COVID-19 resources. The student's Individualized Education Plan Team will review the form and determine if Homebound instruction is beneficial to the student's progress.

We've worked hard to ensure we have the best mitigation plan for our staff and students, please be patient, as aspects can always change depending on the COVID-19 rates in our area. We work closely with our local health departments to ensure we are safe.

Thank you and I look forward to this year serving you as your Director!

Director Zeppelyn Brewer