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Vision Itinerant Services

Vision services are provided to students who meet the eligibility criteria for visual impairment and demonstrate an adverse effect on his/her educational performance. Ocular information is the starting point of the process. A functional vision assessment includes a review of the ocular information, observation, and consultation with the educational team. An assessment is then completed. If a student is found eligible, the student’s needs are addressed through direct service and/or consultation service. A certified teacher of the visually impaired provides training and collaborative support to the educational team. Specific areas of instruction may include, but are not limited to: braille reading and writing, large print materials, instruction in assistive technology for the visually impaired, compensatory strategies, daily living skills, and low vision devices.

If necessary, a student with a visual impairment may receive Orientation & Mobility as a related service if he/she meets the criteria.

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