Hearing Impaired Itinerant Services

Jennifer Latshaw, Vovocision Online DHH Teacher jlatshaw@tcse.us

The role of a hearing itinerant teacher is to bring expertise in educating students with hearing loss to the general or special education environment, including specialized direct instruction, modifications and supports, and consultative services; in order to, enable students who are deaf or hard of hearing to become successful students and communicators. A special emphasis is placed on the development of skills in the areas of self-advocacy, spoken and written language, reading fluency and comprehension, vocabulary, and auditory skill development.

Using an auditory training curriculum, speech detection, suprasegmental perception, vowel, and consonant perception, and connected speech are targeted. The follow-up curriculum also targets auditory memory, listening in noisy settings, listening to music, localizing sounds, listening to voices, listening in conversation, listening on the telephone and more.

*Vocovision is a company that offer contractual teaching services. These services are offered live remotely via a web-based platform.