Procurement Card Program

Policies and Guidelines

TCSE offers a MasterCard Procurement Program for ordering supplies or business services. The program is to procure goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the educational missions of TCSE. We strive to maintain the most efficient operations while adhering to the requirements of TCSE, state, and federal laws, rules, and procedures.

The Business Office / Procurement Card Administrator is located at the TCSE Central Office 1725 Shomaker Dr, Murphysboro, Il 62966. Our hours of operation are 7:30am – 4:00pm., Monday-Friday, excluding TCSE Holidays.

You may contact the Business Office / Procurement Card Administrator by email at or phone at 618-684-2109.

Responsibilities and Liabilities

Cardholder Responsibilities
Cards are issued to an individual employee by sign out process. The employee has sole responsibility for the control and use of the card during dates in which the card is checked out.

Cardholder Liability
There is a personal liability associated with the procurement card. Any cardholder making an unauthorized purchase will be held personally liable for reimbursing TCSE for the amount of the purchase.

How to use a procurement card

The procurement card works like a credit card. A cardholder may make low dollar value purchases from vendors that accept the MasterCard credit card.

The card may be used for purchases of goods or business services that are specifically approved through the TCSE PO process. *Refer to the TCSE A/P Manual for PO process.

After the goods or services have been approved through the PO process, the requestor will be contacted to schedule a check out date / time. Cards may be checked out from the following locations:

Central – Murphysboro
Ward – DuQuoin
Dewey – Anna

The cardholder must retain documentation for all purchases. The cardholder has three days from the date of purchase to return card, along with a transaction receipt, to the card check out site.

  • For phone orders, ask the vendor to include a sales receipt in the package.
  • For Internet orders, print the online order confirmation or print a copy of the confirmation email received from the vendor.

Failure to submit documentation by the billing cycle close date (5th day of the month) will result in actions by the Procurement Card Program as follows:

  • First: warning letter
  • Second: 30-day suspension of card privileges
  • Third: loss of card privileges

How to report a lost card
If a procurement card is lost or stolen, the cardholder should notify MasterCard immediately by calling 1-800-361-3361. Inform the bank that the card in question is a procurement card. They will deactivate the old card and issue a new one. Instruct the bank to send the replacement card to:

Tri-County Special Education
1725 Shomaker Dr.
Murphysboro, Il 62966

As soon as the bank has been notified concerning a lost or stolen card, the cardholder must also inform the Procurement Card Administrator.

If a procurement card is lost or stolen, it is imperative the bank be notified immediately. TCSE is responsible for all charges incurred against a card until the bank receives notification that the card has been lost or stolen.

How to report fraudulent use of a procurement card:
Contact the Business Office / Procurement Card Administrator immediately.

Personal use policy: The procurement card is NOT for personal use!

This card is for business purposes only and may NOT be used for personal transactions.

Shipping and Receiving
It is the cardholder’s responsibility to ensure receipt of goods and services and to follow up with vendors to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies, or damaged goods. Receipt of goods and services must be documented—some examples of acceptable documentation are noting the date on the associated receipt or retaining the packing slip. No shipments, including subscriptions, should be made to personal residences.

Billing Address
Orders are usually delivered to the requestors assigned work location. The vendor may ask for the billing address, which is always:

Tri-County Special Education
1725 Shomaker Dr.
Murphysboro, Il 62966
Phone: 618-684-2109