For Individuals or Institutions Requesting Observations or Student Teaching Experiences within TCSE Programs

Recurring Experience/ Working Directly with Students

 1X  or Limited Observation /
*No Direct Student Contact

Placement/field coordinators  should contact Human Resource Dept. or Administrator with placement needs.
IF YOU are contacted directly,  please direct inquiry to the Human Resources Dept and TAS will contact teachers or therapists for possible placement options(approved teachers list)
TAS notifies Human resources of pending placement request AND informs individual making request of required documentation submitted

When individuals contact TCSE teachers to request observation hours/experience within a TCSE program:

  1. Teacher must Notify TAS
  2. Teacher should email or direct individual to contact Human Resources  with pending placement info
  3. Teacher obtains completed General Info Sheet
General Info Sheet
Finger Print & Criminal Background  Check (IL & FED)
(not older than  1 year)
Evidence of freedom form communicable diseases/TB test (not older than 90 days form start date)
*PRIOR to start date
General Info Sheet
*Teacher Retains copy and CC:Human Resources  for TCSE records

Revised 8/25/15