In the past, TCSE trainers have provided full Non-violent Crisis Intervention training for large numbers of district staff at the request of administrators.  As most employees will seldom or never utilize more advanced techniques, when used, there is a risk of techniques being implemented incorrectly which could potentially result in harm to the student or staff member which, in turn, may lead to district liability.  In reality, only a CORE CRISIS TEAM in each district or building should be trained in all CPI techniques. This core team should consist of staff that will be responsible and accountable for supporting students in true emergency crisis situations.  Most employees only require training in verbal de-escalation techniques.

Beginning the 2016-17 school year, TCSE plans to offer full day refresher training and 2 day initial certification training which will be open only for a District or Building CORE CRISIS TEAMS and will be scheduled in advance throughout the year.  Each district should designate a currently certified 3-4 member crisis team in your building who will receive the full day refresher with physical controls. New staff that you want to add or replace on your CORE CRISIS TEAM will need the 2 day certification training.  Once you have identified your CORE TEAM, please notify the TCSE Technical Assistant Supervisor for your district. They will help facilitate your team’s registration in one of the scheduled certification trainings. A full schedule will be shared the first week of school in August.

To support remaining employees in your buildings and districts that may have been previously certified (with or without physicals,) we are pleased to offer a ½ day training dedicated specifically to verbal de-escalation techniques. This training will not lead to CPI certification, but instead will be a workshop based on nonviolent crisis intervention verbal de-escalation principles and techniques. We can schedule one of our trainers to come to your district to provide this workshop at your convenience.