Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Programs          

** IF you have more than 10 staff from your district who need a particular training, please submit a request for an  on-site training that can be scheduled according to your school calendar.


 Tri-County Special Education currently offers training in CPI’s (Crisis Prevention Institute) cornerstone training program Nonviolent Crisis Intervention which is considered the worldwide standard for crisis prevention and intervention training. With a core philosophy of providing for the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of everyone involved in a crisis situation, the program’s proven strategies give human service providers and educators the skills to safely and effectively respond to anxious, hostile, or violent behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care. (

Tri-County Special Education offers a variety of courses to Tri-County employees as well as our member districts.  Programs and qualifications include:  

1.       Basic Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Program 6 hour course. This course covers identification of behavior levels that contribute to the development of a crisis and how to choose an appropriate intervention.  Useful nonverbal techniques to prevent acting out behavior.  Verbal techniques to de-escalate behavior, and  Principles of Personal safety.  This course does not included physical control and restraint of an acting out person.

2.     Complete Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Program 8 hour course.  This course covers all areas in the 6 hour course with the addition of Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention.  Staff demonstrates physical control and restraint positions to be implemented when physical control is necessary as a last resort due to an individual’s dangerous behavior.  Since Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention is never done by a single individual it is recommended that teams attend training.

3.       Key Point Refresher 3 hour course.  This is for staff/teams  that have completed program 1 or 2 and are wanting to maintain their certification member districts send at minimum a 2-3 person team.

4.       APT Applied Physical Training 6 hour course.  This course is for individuals who have completed program 2.  This program is designed to enhance understanding of the spectrum of physical aggression and improve skill in applying CPI’s Principle of Personal Safety and Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention.   This training  is only offered to TCSE employees working in our ED programs who deal with physical crisis on a regular basis.

5.       Autism Spectrum Disorders Training 6 hour course. This program addresses tailoring training to address the unique needs of staff who support individuals with autism spectrum disorders or related communication/developmental disabilities. Participants must have completed program 2.

Re-certification timelines are identified upon completion of each course and indicated on issuance of certification card.
 *TCSE may require more frequent re-certification for it’s employees working in high risk programs