TCSE contributes a set professional development budget amount toward tuition reimbursement annually. Special Education degrees or certifications in related areas of high demand or need within the organization will have priority and total reimbursement amounts will be negotiated with the TCSE Director per request. When considering requests, the Director considers the current needs of the organization and has the final approval to determine approved and reimbursed coursework.  

  1. In order to receive 100% tuition reimbursement for coursework leading to a degree/license in an identified high need area (including LBS1 cohort), the employee:
  • agrees to complete the pre-approved Cohort/coursework within a specified time period.
  • agrees to incur a 5-year work agreement with Tri-County Special Education following completion of program/obtaining license. (Tuition Contract Required)
  • agrees to follow guidelines for reimbursement below.
  1. An Educator hired with a Professional Educators License (PEL) in areas other than Special Education, the employee:
  • agrees to complete the required coursework for Special Ed. Emergency Approval by the end of their first year of employment (Courses include: Survey of Exception Child/Intro to Sp. Ed., and ONE of three courses required for Special Ed. Endorsement. (Methods of Sp. Ed., Characteristics of Sp. Ed., Assessment.)
  • agrees to complete two remaining courses required for Special Ed. endorsement by the end of their second year of employment
  • agrees to follow guidelines for reimbursement below
  • TCSE agrees to reimburse 100% of the tuition of all of the four courses above in exchange for a 2-year work commitment following completion of coursework. (Tuition Contract Required)

Requests for tuition reimbursement for coursework/certifications that may be beneficial to the employee or lead to advancement on the salary schedule, but not a high need for the organization (ex: Master’s in Special Ed., Teacher Leader, etc), will be considered at a specified per semester amount depending on the annual budget line. Requests are received on a “first come, first served” basis, EVERY SEMESTER, until funds are depleted. (see below) No tuition contract is required since coursework from an approved university will count toward PD hours for PEL renewal. (5/24/19)


  • Coursework must be in special education or related field.
  • The employee must provide transcript grades showing completion of each course with a grade of “B” or higher, or in the case of a non-graded course “satisfactory” or “pass” rating prior to reimbursement/disbursement.
  • Tuition reimbursement for coursework or certification that may be beneficial to the employee or lead to advancement on the salary schedule, but not a high need for the organization will have a per semester total, not to exceed $1000.00 per semester or $3000.00 annually.
  • Tuition reimbursement will not include any portion of tuition covered by FAFSA or other grants/scholarships.

REQUIRED FORMS submitted to the Staff Development Coordinator


In order to obtain the pre-approved reimbursement amount, once the semester/course/test is complete, the employee must forward the required documentation to the Staff Dev. Coord. :

  1. a) Proof of personal payment or bill/statement if deferred, and
  2. b) unofficial transcript/report/scores   showing completion & grade|

Upon receipt of required documentation, payment will be made to the employee (reimbursed) or university (if deferment arranged ) for the pre-approved amount.

 Spring Semester :  Nov 1 *  Summer Semester : March  1 * Fall Semester: May 1.

Please call Laurel Harris (618) 684-2109 or email if you have any questions