TCSE Board  Policies & Procedures Manual

(Updated 4/2017)

Index &  Index of Statutes

1-School District Organization, 2-School Board

3-General School Administration, 4-Operational Services, 5-Personnel

6-Instruction, 7-Students, 8-School-Community Relations

2016-19 TCSE Joint Agreement Contractual Agreement  and Acknowledgment page

2016-17  TCSE Joint Agreement Budget

2016-17 TCSE Organizational Chart

2016-17 TCSE Succession of Authority

 TCSE Executive Board Members

All TCSE Executive Board Members have completed the OMA training mandated by ISBE

Christopher Grode, Chairperson
Dr. Gary Kelly, Vice
Dr. Lori James-Gross, Secretary 
Jan Pearcy, Director 

Michael Shimshak
Belinda Hill
Tim O’Leary
Steve Murphy
Charles Goforth
Shelly Clover-Hill

 TCSE Executive Board Regular Meetings

Location:  TCSE Boardroom, 1725 Shomaker Drive, Murphysboro, IL 62966     Time: 10:30 a.m. 

2016-2017 Regular/Special Meeting Dates:

07/13/2016       08/12/2016 (Budget Hearing at 10:00am)      09/14/2016      10/12/16      11/09/16      

11/22/16 Special Meeting         12/14/16

01/11/17      02/08/16      03/08/17      04/12/17      05/10/16      06/14/17

TCSE Executive Board Agendas & Minutes

2016-17        2015-16       2014-15          2013-14  


FOIA- Freedom of Information Act Data
Full access to TCSE Joint Agreement public records is available to any person, as provided in the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and Board Policy.  The Director shall serve as TCSE’s Freedom of Information Officer; however, he/she may delegate these duties and powers to one or more designees.  A request for inspection and/or copies of public records must be made in writing (a form may be requested from the Officer) and shall be submitted by personal delivery, email, fax or mail directed to the Officer.  Within 5 days after the receipt of a request for access to public record, the Officer shall comply with or deny the request, unless the time for response is extended as specified in Section 3 of the FOIA.  Persons making requests for copies of public records shall pay an applicable copying fee.  No fee shall be charged for the first 50 pages of black and white, letter or legal sized copies. 

TCSE Freedom of Information Officer may be contacted at 1725 Shomaker Drive, Murphysboro, IL 62966
Phone (618) 684-2109  Fax (618) 687-1638

Public Disclosure of Total Compensation  (Updated 8/22/16)

Contracts Exceeding $25,000 (Updated 11/16/16)

ISBE Workload for Special Educators (Approved 9/9/9)