TCSE Administration

Director Jan Pearcy
Administrative Assistant Lisa Gross
Chief School Business Officer Renee Evans
Bookkeepers Alison Cross and Chelsea Hagene

Clinical Director


Anita Daneshdoost (Nursing/PT/OT)



Technical Assistance Supervisors

Megan Sherril, Interim Principal at TC Center School
Staci Hood, Principal at TC Ward School
Gina Stokes, Principal at TC Dewey School

Amy Remsey
Dana Eblin
Janet Flesch
Sarah Keltner
Melissa Lingle
Kim Williams
Mike Reel

Clerical Amy Johnson at TC Admin Office, Kelly Mitchell at TC Center; Rhonda Hutson at TC Ward School; and Vonda Hill at TC Dewey.
Staff Development Coordinator

& Lead SLP

Lead Psychologist

Lead Social Worker

Laurel Harris


Katie Ancell

Beth Hall

Records Custodian Queenie Clark
Information Technology Robert Johnson
Human Resources Shannon Owings