2016-17  TCSE  Events & Trainings            

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JUNE 2016

14  AM: Managing Problem Behavior  & PM: SLO’s for Special Education Students @ 17th St Warehouse


2  ECH & English Langauge Learners: RtI and Information for Appropriate Special Education Referrals @ 17th St Warehouse
9  Behavior on Board: Verbal de-escalation workshop for bus staff to address and prevent problem behavior @ TCSE Central
10 Filemaker Computerized IEP & Case Manager Responsibilities @ TCSE Central
15  TCSE Employee Orientation Training @ Carbondlae Civic Center


15 Understanding the IEP Series:  Writing Present Levels of Performance to Guide Goal Writing @ 17th St Warehouse
Verbal Deescalation Principles & Procedures
30 School Consultation for SLPS: Pathways to Excellence in Language & Literacy  @ Carbondale Civic Center


20 The Top 15 Behavioral Interventions that Increase Academic Success @ 17th St Warehouse


17 Understanding the IEP Series:  Using data You Collect to Inform Instruction & Teaching Practices @ 17th St Warehouse
Understanding the IEP Series: When to Act? A Districts Guide to Completing FBS Functional Behavior Analysis and BIP Behavior Intervention Plans


15 Understanding the IEP Series:  Gen Ed Teachers Role in Reporting Present Levels & Providing Modifications & Accomm  for IEP Students Guide   @ TBD


19 Understanding the IEP Series:  Transition Planning Process & Components of  the Plan @ 17th St Warehouse
Verbal De-escalation Principles & Practice Workshop @ 17th St Warehouse


23 & 24 Identification & Provision of Special Education Services:  Special Education Legal Updates w/ Brandon Wright @ 17th St Warehouse